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The Readings in Language Studies Volume Series publishes writings featuring a range of stylistic (essay, oral history, artistic-expressive, and technical) and research approaches to language studies. The series includes singularly-topical and general volumes. Drawing from open calls for contributions and ISLS conference proceedings, the volume series is useful to a wide variety of scholarly disciplines, classroom and research contexts, and international fora. Books in this series may be cross-referenced with the Language Studies Course and Practice-Based Series.



We are accepting proposals for the volume of the series. For details, please read the call for chapters.


Readings in Language Studies, Vol. 6: A Critical Examination of Language and Community is now available online here or at your favorite online book shop!

Volume 1


Readings in Language Studies: Language Across Disciplinary Boundaries (2008) is the inaugural volume for ISLS, bringing together international perspectives on language and identity, critical pedagogy, language and power, second language acquisition, and teacher education.


Volume 2


Readings in Language Studies: Language and Power (2010) is a text that represents international perspectives on power and bilingualism, identity in professions, media, the learner, and pedagogy.


Volume 3


Readings in Language Studies: Language and Identity (2012) is a text that represents international perspectives on the intersection of language, identity, and the following topics: discourse, culture, the professions, policy, pedagogy, and the learner.

Volume 4


Readings in Language Studies: Langauge and Social Justice (2014) is a text that explores the intersections of language and social justice, contextualized in the following topics: culture, teaching practices & pedagogy, and policy. 

Volume 5


Readings in Language Studies: Language and Society (2015) is a text that represents international perspectives on the intersection of language, society, and the following topics: teaching practices and pedagogy, policy, and culture.